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Sofia R. Lewis


As a part time artist, in the beginning I found it hard to find a footing, like most artists around. The reason being is that the world is so cluttered with different talented artists, but too few outlets showing off the artists. Getting news outlets in the art world to feature your art can be very difficult and tiresome. Often times you need to be a big time professional, just in order to get a small article in a local newspaper. This I wanted to change, thus I created PivotExhibit.

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PivotExhibit is a contantly chaning exhibit of all the worlds kind of arts. Whenever a user clicks the "Pivot Art" button, a complete new array of art pieces will be shown. The art exhibit page you can check here, by click this link Every time the exhibit is "pivoted" an array of 12 new art pieces will be loaded. This feature makes it so that your art piece is never hidden away on some page 20, where no user ever reaches. Your art piece is guaranteed to be shown multiple times, as the pivot function is random and made to go through all available art pieces. Each listing has a link to whatever page you may want, it can be anything, your Instagram profile, your website or any different online link. That way people who like your art, will be able to find you.

How It Works

Upon registration you will be sent your necessary login information for your account. You then need to go to our "login" page, upon registration you will be redirected to it and if not, you can just click the "Log In" button at the top of this page.
Once you haved logged in to your account, you will be able to upload up to 6 art pieces of yours. That is 6 art listings, of your own choice, one listing is one field on the main page so 6 listings is 6 different fields. When you upload a listing, you will also be asked to include a link, this link can be for anything. Your website, your Instagram or any other page, this is to make it possible for the user who likes your art, to find more content of yours and potentially get in contact with you.


I am available through Skype, you can reach me on the username live:pivotexhibit if you have any questions. You can also submit a comment in the comment section below, I try to answer as fast as possible.

Traffic Info

In terms of traffic and viewers and where they are from, it is a little mixed. To make it a little easier to see, you can check out the world map below, all the blue areas are from where we have viewers and users. Those users are of different categories, regular private users, collectors, investors, museum and gallery owners. The majority of our audience is private owners/buyers, they are both big and small collectors. From first time buyers to major art collection owners.

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How do I buy a listing?

On this page you can sign up for our listing package, by starting the registration process, by clicking the "sing up" button at the bottom of the page. Once you have picked your listing package you regsiter and pay at the same time.

How long does a listing last?

Forever, as long as this page is live your listing will be showing.

Do you have a support line?

Yes, any help you may need can be forwarded to the following email support@pivotexhibit.com it is open 24/7 and we try to reply within an hour

How does the listing process work?

Once you have signed up for our listing package, you will be forwarded to your listing page. On there you can see the current listings you have, how many you have left and upload listings.

Will you help with the art listings?

Of course, incase you need help at any point, please email support@pivotexhibit.com

What is allowed to be listed?

Anything art related is allowed to be listed, whether it is canvas, figure, statue or whatever kind of art is allowed. If your art is explicit, feature nudity or anything, that is no problem. We allow all kinds of art related listings.

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One "art listing" is one of your art pieces listed on our site.
So with one registration you can list 6 art pieces on the site.


Thank You!

I can vouch for this! Needed about 250k emails for my US targeted product. Only used about 1% of the US available emails.            


Do you have both B2C and B2B emails?

Like the title says





Reply: Do you have both B2C and B2B emails?

Hi, Yes we do have both B2C and B2B emails, however as listed above the majority of our emails are B2C - Mike


Cancel question

Is it possible to cancel at any time?


How many emails?

How many emails in total do you have available? - Dave


Reply: How many emails?

Hi Dave, There is a total of 75 million + emails available, once you register you will have access to all of them. They are categorized in country and B2C & B2B - Mike



test comment box...





Reply: Cancel question

Yes, you can cancel anytime you want. However if you cancel you wont have access to your account or any future added emails. - Mike


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